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2016: A ​Review of the State of Maryland Wellness Program 

  • Over 57,000 employees have completed all 3 wellness activities and as a result, they are enjoying Primary Care Physician and Virtual/Video visit copay waivers!
  • The State has experienced a 6.6% reduction in ER visits as a result of members selecting a Primary Care Physician.
  • There is a significant increase of more than 10% in well-adult screening visits.
  • Over 275 Wellness Fairs, biometrics screenings and wellness demonstrations have been conducted throughout the State.
  • Over 100 Wellness Seminars (lunch and learns) have been presented throughout the State.
  • Free Wellness Coaching and Free Weight Management Programs offered through the medical carriers began in January, 2016.
  • Free Healthy Pregnancy Programs became available through the medical carriers in January, 2016.
  • Video visits for virtual medical care launched in April, 2016, with copays waived for employees who completed the wellness activities!

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) - available on your medical carrier's website (see the medical website listing or the back of your card for the website address) or download the State's HRA​

Wellness Program FAQs ​- UPDATED 4/11/16
Medical Carrier Added Benefits​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

June - National Men's Health Month

Virtural Visits​​

Did you know that men are more likely than women to put off regular checkups and medical care? You can lower your risk of serious health problems by making small changes to your habits. 


New Virtual Visits!

Virtural Visits

When you don’t feel well, or your child is sick, the last thing you want to do is leave the comfort of home to sit in a waiting room. 

Now, you don’t have to.

News and Updates 

Wellness Coaching Works!

A State of Maryland member shares his wellness coaching success story. Read John's success story managing his diabetes by working with a wellness coach... John


Ready to complete your wellness activities? Interested in wellness coaching? It's easy to do both: simply register for ​MyAccount by visiting Click "Register Now" and follow the three easy steps to set up your account. Once set up, click the Wellness Program "Earn Now" button to participate in the wellness program activities and Wellness Coaching! New: CareFirst's Weight Loss Program - Innergy!  Read Jennifer's Personal Journey​​, learn how to enroll here​ and view Innergy video here​.

United Health Care

New for 2016: 
 - Weight Management Program,  Wellness coaching and Rally​ - a personalized, interactive fun health experience that begins by completing your HRA on the Health and Wellness tab at Log on and set up your account today!​ 

Kaiser Permanente

Complete your wellness activities, enroll in wellness coaching, and learn about Kaiser-sponsored classes at Click on "Wellness Program Information" and follow the easy steps to participate in these fun and effective wellness program activities.​

Health Partners

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