Salary Plan

The Salary Plan lists the title, class code and salary information for all state job classes. The Salary Plan is split alphabetically into a number of documents based on class name.

This information was last updated July 1, 2016 with new, revised information. 

Salary Plan Data:

The entire Salary Plan, PDF format , or Excel format, in job class title order.

The Salary Plan, in job class title order, as pdf files. To access the Job Class, click on the first letter of the Job Class name:

A   B   C   D   E   F - G   H - K   L - M

N - O   P - Q   R   S   T - V   W

Columns Contained in the Salary Plan Information (proceeding from left to right):

  • Class Code
  • $ - indicates that class is eligible for cash overtime payment
  • Class Title
  • Service designation (S = Skilled, P = Professional, M = Managerial or E = Executive)
  • Salary Grade
  • Bargaining Unit
  • Work Area (Identifies classifications by occupational area (i.e. WA 16 = education occupations)
  • Job Family (EEO categories of occupational areas)
  • Type
  • The lowest salary for full time employees
  • The highest salary for full time employees
  • The first Y after maximum salary (if present) indicates a sensitive class in regard to drug testing
  • The second Y indicates the class is a Non-Competitive Promotional Classification
  • The third Y after maximum salary (if present) indicates a class that has options (rightmost column)