Employee Medical Services

The Employee Medical Services is responsible for monitoring the State Medical Director contract, as well as the contracts for testing for illegal use of drugs by State applicants and employees. We also evaluate requests from employees under the State Employees Leave Bank Program.

State Medical Director Services 

Drug Testing for Employees in the SPMS is addressed in Code of MD Regulation (COMAR)

Managed Return to Work Program (MRTW)

The Managed Return To Work Programis for individuals with work related injuries or illnesses that result in temporary inability to fully perform normal work. The Program provides these employees with meaningful and productive temporary transitional duty assignments. 

Please contact Kim Scott at 410-767-4721 or Kimberly.Scott@maryland.gov if your agency is interested in implementing this Program.

Managed Return to Work - Frequently Asked Questions

Leave Bank Program

The State Employees' Leave Bank is a program that allows employees in the State Personnel Management System, as well as employees in independent personnel systems who elect to participate, to receive leave for a serious and prolonged medical condition. Employees who wish to join must donate at least 8 hours of unused annual, personal or sick leave (or a combination of the three) to become eligible members for two years. Donating employees who use sick leave to join the Bank must retain a sick leave balance of at least 240 hours after the donation.

Contact Information for Medical Services