HandshakeThe Employee and Labor Relations Division offers confidential mediation assistance to employees who are experiencing conflict in the workplace. Mediation occurs in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Each party is given the opportunity to effectively communicate his or her thoughts about the issues with the assistance and facilitation of the mediator.

Many employees find that mediation aids in dealing with present and future conflicts in a more effective manner. Participation is voluntary. Employees and managers who are interested in mediation services should contact us at 410-767-4953.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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 What is the Shared Neutrals Mediation Program? expand
It is an interagency mediation program for workplace disputes in Maryland State agencies.  The program provides free mediation by using a pool of trained and experienced collateral duty mediators who provide mediation services to agencies other than their own, in exchange for similar services from the program by the other State agencies.  This concept is based on the successful Federal Interagency Program on Shared Neutrals.
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It usually takes about a week to set up a mediation session. This allows time to contact the other party involved and assign two mediators.
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It is a written agreement between both participants that reflects the detailed resolution of the dispute.  Agreements made in mediation come from the participants, not the mediator.
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Coordinator, Shared Neutrals Mediation Program

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